There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. This is true for all life lessons including exams. The There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. This is true for all life lessons including exams. The GATE exam is the largest online test. Not only hard work but good preparation for the exam is also needed for achievements. Students with good exam strategy and better planning succeed in this exam.

It is important for students to keep in mind all the prior guidelines before going for the exam. A well-planned approach is a path to success in this exam. Students will have three hours in hand. Students with better exam strategy will perform well in the exam.


We are here sharing some tips for all the aspiring students for the GATE exam. These tips are a combination of the advice given by the toppers, professors, and advisors.

  • Last year preparation will include solving last year question papers or sample question papers.
  • Know about the GATE Exam Pattern.
  • The most important thing at the last minute is to be motivated and self-confident.
  • At the last moment, leave all those topics which you have not touched or have no knowledge. Instead, read the topics you have knowledge about.
  • Do not copy you friend's strategy. They will not be writing your exam. So, concentrate on your own strategy.
  • Check your short notes before going for the exam as a revising tool.
  • Check the GATE exam Admit card and download it. Check the center and be ready with its location. You must go very early than the time written on the admit card. So that you can navigate to the central location and there is no last minute rush before the exam.
  • Keep your kit prepare before going for the exam. This kit will contain admit card, any photo ID proof and pen or pencils.
  • Don't carry a calculator. It is not allowed. However, the center will provide you a virtual calculator for use.
  • One advice is to keep two or three copies of admit card. Because downloading them, again and again, is restricted. Also, they are available on the site for some specific period of time. You will be needing your admit card many times like for applying in MTech. So try to keep two or three extra copies of admit card.
  • It is really important to be on time on the day of your Exam. The reporting time is one hour before the exam for biometric checking (includes thumb impressions and photographs).
  • Taking mobile phones, calculators, any kind of paper, exam pads is not allowed inside.
  • After reaching the hall, check the seating arrangements.
  • Candidate will be allowed to enter 35 minutes before the exam and will be allowed to go out only after completing the exam but not before.
  • Candidates after 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM will not be allowed for entering the hall in forenoon and afternoon sessions respectively.
  • Candidates will be allowed to log in and read the instructions 20 minutes before the exam.
  • All the candidates will be provided a writing pad for doing rough work. You need to return this pad to the invigilators before leaving the hall.
  • Write your name and registration number on that writing pad before using it.
  • After your exam starts, click on "View all GATe Questions" button. This will help you in analyzing from where to start.
  • According to the scholars/toppers and experts, the candidate must start from the section in which he thinks he is an expert. This will develop the confidence and will save time too.
  • Note: Don't forget to save the answer.
  • Don't waste a lot of time in any question. Leave it for later.
  • Answer only those on which you are confirmed because negative marking is applicable here.
  • Do not try to hurry. You can do silly mistakes in a hurry and you may have to pay penalty for it.
  • Plan and answer the paper in such a manner that you have a little time left to check your answers once.
  • Any form of communication between the candidates inside the hall is strictly prohibited.
  • Any candidate found in violating the rules and regulations of the exam will be restricted from attempting the paper and will be canceled. Also, legal actions can be taken against them.

So, all the eligible candidates going to giving the exam must go through these guidelines, they will prove to be helpful for you to appear for the exam. This will help you for last minute tips, what to do before GATE exam, pre-exam instructions, tips to write the gate exam and general instructions to follow for Exam is the largest online test.